David Genesis Love


  • Occupation: Star Seed Light Creator, Banking, Property Management and Technology
  • Purpose: To bring in the Golden Age and unite humanity
  • Beliefs: Duality and divide and conquer have created the darkness that exists on the planet presently.
  • Organization: Golden Age United
  • Mission: To bring video experiences that assist people as the Golden New Age grows
  • Experience: Wide variety of experience in Banking, Property Management and Technology
  • Education: Unknown
  • Skills: Intuitive, Heart-centered lover of humanity
  • Accomplishments: Too many to list

Heidi Careaga


• Mommy, Mum, Mom of three daughters beautiful, spiritually gifted daughters
• Humanitarian
• Lightworker
• Bi-cultural and Bi-lingual
• Partner in Golden Age United and ZenGen Collective
• World Collaborator
• Partner in HD Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta
• Expert in Mexican Real Estate Law and Real Estate in Mexico
• Founder of the Banderas Bay Rotary Club
• Founder Fundación Careaga.
• A Course in Miracles student and teacher
• Reiki Master, and an intuitive healer
• Lover of travel, great food, and exploration of culture


David “Dakan” Allison

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  • I’m a single elder Humanitarian Light Worker
  • Full-time resident of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • A career Creative Artist and Writer
  • A Master Oracle card reader, creator of the 78 card Spirit Guide Wisdom deck.
  • Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor
  •  Alternative Medical Counselor
  • A shamanic mask maker artist
  • Author of 14 books
  • A potter and Zen gardener
  • Father of two grown sons
  • A life-long Critical Thinker

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We are like-minded Humanitarians, joined in a common mission to help in whatever ways possible to improve the lives of the people in our regions in Mexico, and eventually throughout the world.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to bring in light and information to assist people in navigating the Golden Age.

It is to spread the knowledge and awareness, to empower people with the necessary understanding and tools to unite and thrive in this new era of humanity. It aims to guide people towards a brighter future by providing them with the resources and support they need to break free from the darkness that currently exists on the planet. Through this mission, Golden Age United aims to empower individuals to create a more harmonious and prosperous world for all.




We will soon be filming a YouTube channel, hoping to reach a large audience of viewers with our positive words and the inspiring stories and messages of our guests.


If you would like to be a guest with an inspiring story or life mission to present, please don’t hesitate in contacting one of us.

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