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Oracle card Reading


 I have been reading the Tarot and Oracle cards for 43 years. I consider myself to be a `Master. If you would like a reading over the phone, with a photo of the cards and meanings. An Oracle Reading  is $100 an hour with PayPal.


Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching – I’m a trained Spiritual Counselor, helping people for over 40 years with  my awakened practical common-sense advice. I have also written five Self-help books. $100 an hour with PayPal.


Alternative Medical Counseling.


You can read more about this on my other website: www.cabohealingcenter.com

A 1/2 hour session is a $30 donation.

please contact me:


USA #  206-809-1172

Mexico # 52-612-144-5307


email: [email protected]


Payments through PayPal = [email protected]




Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle Cards


I have created a beautiful and power oracle deck of 78  Spirit Guide Wisdom  cards. Contact me about placing an order. $50 with shipping.

Designed so you can give yourself your own reading. 

Canvas Prints


  • All the 78 pictures on the Spirit Guide Wisdom cards can be printed on canvas. Get a Canvas Print sent directly to you.  Click on the link above to see them.


Any of my art creations can be printed on T’shirt. We will have our Golden Age United T-Shirts and with other wordings/

Cabo San Lucas Offerings

Executive Property Management


If you have a home in Cabo San Lucas I am the perfect Red Awning manager for you.


Cactus Planters


If you are in the Los Cabos area I have beautiful stone cactus planters – hand made. by me – for sale starting at $20.


Face to face Counseling


I do all the readings and counseling in person here. 612-144-5307

Brief Bio


I’ve always been one of those inquisitive thinking intelligent souls, society doesn’t have a place for, though I’m not lost in drugs or subversion, at least not yet. I was one of those kids back in 1963, sitting at my Sophomore desk one afternoon when they told us the President was assassinated. Almost right after I could see holes in the story. It wasn’t right. LBJ looked like he was laughing at an inside joke, all these people were being murdered, a lone gunman? I was sixteen and already thinking WTF?  Jack Kerouac was my influence in high school, red wine and early Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, hitchhiking as far as we could on weekends and turning around, just to be free, out on the road. You can imagine my life in the late 60’s. Many stories, how I went to college is beyond me, four years of dodging the draft, travel around the world and so on. Sort of, but not quite a hippy. A gatherer of information and life experiences, a story teller with tales to tell. I live in Thailand for 8 years and wrote novels.  I have a bunch of wonderful movie treatments for someone to see.

I saw a building demolition program the week before the Twin Towers went down. My first reaction – this is so f-ing obvious. Why can’t everyone see that this is a classical building demolition? Duh? Airplanes? Arabs? Building 7? Bush looking like he’s laughing at the inside joke. Covid? The same false stories over and over so all minds believe the fabricated lie. All these things is what an investigative reporter does – putting the puzzle pieces together.  I’m now in Mexico learning how to Go Within and love myself.

In that respect, I questioned religion from the moment in 1967 when the draft board denied my being a conscientious objector to that stupid war. I studied every religion, and I guess that’s how I got “spiritual,” Not religious. Not New Age. I realized that all religions and the New Age are programming us away from God Within. My teachers were a gypsy woman and a shaman medicine woman, and my journeys were into higher states of consciousness. Always in ceremony. So I learned to see beyond the third dimension of reality into the 4th and 5th.

In 2002 I wrote this fabulous adventure series for young adults. I published Book One in 2008. People loved it. I was on the front page of the newspaper, had radio interviews. Readers thought it would be the next Harry Potter series. I have four of those books ready to be published

I had this idea of a story where four old folks escape from their old folks home and go to the Himalayas, to the mythical valley of Shambala. I began writing that book in 2010. The Shambala book turned into five books, which are ready to be published.

My history of publishing is fourteen years of rejection. Oh well. The system sucks. And I understand it.

I put everything into my books – American Indians, Enlightened Masters, detectives, possible murder mystery, parallel lives, travel to exotic places and yes love, because what’s more important than love? The Blackfeet Murder is a long fictional story which would make a fantastic movie. The world needs more people who put the truth out there in one form or another. My choice was to do it with ‘easy to read’ fiction, and noe YouTube Videos.

Check out my books on my website:  www.cabohealingcenter.com

What do I want?  To be funded. Read about at the above website.  Sure I’d like to make money, but that isn’t my driving force. I can take a million readers by surprise with a great story – or with an important YouTube channel.