Who are we


Golden Age United is a grassroots startup company. The three creators together offer a wide range of business experience and talents, capable of running a much needed inspirational humanitarian YouTube channel and products store.


We are envisioning a highly successful business with over 100,000 subscribers.


And in order to get there, to attract our audience, it requires help; kind generous loving hearts, helping us financially to acquire the means:


1. To buy the correct audio/visual equipment,


2. To pay for technical support, especially YouTube help and advice on how to quickly get followers,


3. To pay for the most cutting-edge shopping cart,


4. To purchase our products to resell,


5. To hire someone to fulfill orders,


6. To go beyond any sort of financial struggle in making Golden Age United a success.

In order for this to happen with ease and grace, we are seeking sponsors, an angel or angels to donate . . .



in the form of both money and professional help.


If your heart is moved in this direction, if you’re called on to help Golden Age United in any way, please contact Heidi at


[email protected]

We are also seeking help from someone who has experience and success in one of these funding programs.  Our Love and Grateful Thanks. David, Heidi and Dakan.

Some Funding Sources