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David Dakan Allison


I’m a creative artist living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I’m a member of the Earth Alliance, ready to be funded to redevelop the Baja Sur area.

I’m available for Alternative Medical Counseling. And I’ve created a very powerful deck of Oracle cards. Available now.

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spirit guide cards


Call me:

1-206-809-1172 US

52-612-144-5307 Mexico

[email protected]

About This Website


All works of art on this site are by David Dakan Allison


Everything is for sale


Each art piece you see can be turned into a CANVAS PRINT and mailed to you anywhere in the USA with free shipping. Click on the upper right navigation bar to go to each of my art pages. All art is for sale for under $100.

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Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle Cards


I created this 78 card deck in 2022. They are unique in that each card has my art on the front and meanings I channelled on the back. Living in Mexico makes in too expensive to ship to the US, therefore I’m seeking USA marketers to sell on sites such as Etsy. For more information about them, click here:


Spirit Guide Cards

If you want a reading, call me 206-809-1172


Art Pages


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You can purchase a beautiful canvas print of any art on this website. 8×8 = $25. 8X10 = $35. 8X12 = $45. 16X20 = $65. 20X30 = $85. 24×36 = $100. Free shipping to anywhere in the USA.