Regarding buying a deck of Spirit Guide Wisdom cards


I have decks to sell here in Mexico for $40, but the shipping costs from here to the USA is prohibitive. ie. DHL = $50+ just for shipping.

Once I have 10 USA orders, I will do a third printing, and the cards will be shipped from Denver. Because of the wait, if you’re one of the 10 who order, your cost will be the same $40, including shipping, instead of our $50 retail price. Send me an email and I’ll put you on the list, if you’d like to order a deck.

David Dakan Allison


I’m a Master Oracle reader, a certified Life Coach and ordained non-denominational Spiritual Healer. I have done card readings and counseling sessions for 42 years. I was trained by four different Living Masters, in the Shaman Arts, Tarot, Personal transformation and Aikido. Each taught me priceless wisdom, which I use in my counseling sessions. I’ve also authored seven Self-Help books and ten novels.


Phone readings

My usual reading counseling phone session price is $100 an hour. As an introduction, if you call me anytime in February 2023, my hour session price is $55.





These cards are are made with the highest quality photo imagery. The playing card paper is also the highest quality and a carrying bag is included. Tarot Cards use the upper and lower Arcana for divination, whereas Oracle Cards do not. These cards would be considered Oracle Cards. Traditional Oracle Cards are of various numbers, have the same back design, with an illustration and a word on the front. It will come with a small book of meanings. These Spirit Guide Wisdom Cards are unique in that each Front is a separate work of art, and the Backs include the name and meaning. A separate book isn’t necessary. They are infused with a great deal of power, making it easy for anyone of give themselves or another a reading.


About the Spirit Guide Wisdom Cards


I have created my own 78 card Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle deck, with my original art on one side and the meanings of the accompanying word on the other. These cards are uniquely powerful, circumventing our conscious mind, which is often confused, and directly accessing our Higher Mind or God Consciousness. Every reading miraculously presents the truth the person would otherwise never hear. 


Unique & Original


The Spirit Guide cards were conceived by David Dakan Allison in 2022, to validate the Divinity of each and every person on earth. We’ve evolve to a place where anyone can access their Higher or God Consciousness with the help of their Spirit Guides. There is no further need to follow outdated dictates, when you can go directly to Source. You can do this with the Spirit Guide Cards.



If you’re in the Cabo San Lucas area


I am offering a nine card reading and counseling session for $100 per hour. In the month of February the cost will be $55. The reading site will be either the most comfortable place of the clients choice, or the hotel’s choosing.

If you are a concierge, event coordinator or influencer, my gratitude for arranging a session is 25% of the clients paid fee.

Contact information on this page

To Purchase a Spirit Guide Wisdom 78 Card deck today



includes shipping


You can buy directly from me in Cabo San Lucas for $40 or in the USA place an order.

Special offer of $40 in US includes shipping. This price is only available to the 10 names on our waiting list.

Wholesale order of 10 25 decks = $30 each. Will be printed as soon as order is placed, with free US shipping.


[email protected]

(Pay with this Paypal address)

Spirit Guide Readings and Healing Sessions


 $80 for a one hour Spirit Guide Reading and consulting session or an Alternative Medical Counseling session – on video phone call.


Call  Mexico:  52-612-144-5307 or 

USA: 1-206-809-1172

or email to set appointment time:

[email protected]


About David Today


I acknowledge myself as an artist. I’m at home and most comfortable while lost in CREATION. I had a career making things out of clay. Most of the Spirit Guide cards are photos of my Shaman Masks. I love to draw and paint. The paintings in the cards are mine. As a creative artist I’ve written many poems and books, including ten novels. I also like creating websites, making banners and writing blogs, posting inspiring videos. I love gardening, creating beautiful outdoor ambiance. As a world traveler, I’m happy to have finally settled in Baja Mexico.

I also acknowledge what I’m not. The tasks which takes me away from being a creative artist, confuse me and disrupt my harmony of being. What I’m most uncomfortable with is Social Networking, Marketing and Sales. I don’t know how to bring attention to my art, and I get upset trying. I have an attic filled with beautiful art and flash drives filled with 20 books, all just sitting there because the world of MARKETING is not mine.

I do believe there is great financial potential with my creations, for someone who loves Social Networking, Marketing and Sales. If that’s you, please contact me.


Crown Energy


Letting Go


To view the art of David Dakan Allison and my many books, click on the upper right navigation bar on the website.

Here is a front and back example of one card:



 The song has ended

It appears that you’ve graduated from the final stage of a project or process. You’re viewing the body of what remains after the completion. Time to bury it. Savor the personal value you’ve obtained. Time to start over, with a new project, motivation and focus; to let go of that which is dead and gone. New life begins when you stop resisting change, which will only lead to confusion and unforeseeable complications.