Heidi Careaga  – Jan. 27, 2023


Soul Connections Across Generations


My 80-year-old mother, Dawn, recently went to Mexico and ended up finding an unlikely but meaningful friendship with a 28-year-old local masseuse named Heber. Despite their age difference and not speaking each other’s language, they have developed a strong bond that both consider to be a soul connection.

It all started when Dawn was staying in an apartment complex in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, and Heber, who works there, would occasionally give her massages. They would exchange text messages and casual greetings throughout the day, and gradually, a friendship began to form.

Before meeting Heber, Dawn had closed herself off to receiving love and affection. She had been through past traumas in relationships and had built up walls around her heart. But as she spent more time with Heber, she began to open herself up and let go of her past.

The change in Dawn, aka Mother, has been remarkable. She is light on her feet, there’s a constant smile on her face, and she feels younger every day. She has even started to speak a bit of Spanish, which has helped to bridge the language barrier between her and Heber.

Heber, who is also a father of one, has been a great friend to Dawn. He is kind, gentle, and patient, and he has helped her to heal and grow. He has taught her about the culture and customs of Mexico, and she has taught him about the customs of her own country.

The friendship that has developed between Dawn and Heber is one of mutual respect and genuine care. Despite their age difference and language barriers, they have been able to connect on a deeper level and have formed a bond that will last a lifetime.

I am so grateful that my mother Dawn was able to find a friend like Heber in Mexico. His kindness and compassion have helped her to heal and grow in ways that I never thought possible. Their friendship is a reminder that age and language barriers should never get in the way of building meaningful connections with others.

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