A Message


Love and serve all humanity.

Assist, everyone,

Be cheerful. Be courteous.

See God and good in every face.

There is no saint, without a past.

There is no sinner without a future.

Praise every soul.

If you cannot praise someone

Let them pass out of your life.

Be original. Be inventive.

Bare, dare and the dare more.

Do not imitate. Stand on your ground.

Do not lean on the borrowed staff of others.


All perfection, and all virtues of the deity

Are hidden inside you.

Reveal them.

The Savior, also, is already within you.

Reveal him.Let his grace emancipate you.

Let you life be that of a rose.

Though silent, it speaks in the language

Of fragrance,


January 29, 2023 – David Dakan Allison

A new Reality


It’s wonderful realizing that so many people in the world are finally waking up, understanding that governments, medical establishments, universities and religions have been lying and deceiving us all along, for thousands of years.

As we begin this wonderful Golden Age – united we are moving from a fear based reality into a Love Based Reality. Breaking free of the shackles that have cleverly entrapped us all in a programmed slavery existence, we are now free to declare ourselves as Sovereign Free Spirits. We have the tools to access our God Within, for our own answers and instructions. If you’re interested in an easy way to do this, click here: Spirit Guide Wisdom cards.