The three of us have each created Business Plans for the funding of Incredible Humanitarian Projects, not only in our region of Mexico, but all over the world.

These Projects include:


  1. The fair and equitable distribution of wealth.

  2. Creating many new altruistic local businesses.

  3. Significantly raising the pay scale and standard of living for everyone.

  4. Providing good clean and modern equipped housing for everyone.

  5. Funding re-education of teachers on how to correctly educate children.

  6. Vastly improving each regions infrastructure, including paved road and filtered water for everyone 24/7.

  7. Providing more green parks and free recreational facilities.

  8. Opening free alternative medical health clinics everywhere.

  9. Provide incentives for everyone to receive residual income.

And a lot more. If you live in Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta, please contact us and we’ll discuss how you can be involved in our future funded projects.


We have incredible gifts to give to our brothers and sisters – why not give them now.

If You’re inspired to join us or help in any way

please call David 


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